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The sangeet night is a hectic yet fun night right before the wedding. The women of the family and their friends are all excited after hearing the ideas for sangeet ceremony. But they are also nervous about the arrangements for the wedding night. The haldi, sangeet, mehendi, wedding, everything commencing in the span of 24 hours is a tad bit overwhelming. The decorations, songs list, dance moves, everything must be ready by now. The only thing left is putting on the beautiful dresses for sangeet function and getting set to groove. Your mehendi dress may or may not be your wedding dress, depending on the time gap between the two events. In many cases, there is time for a change. So plan accordingly. If you are changing into fresh and latest Indian bridal dress after the mehendi function, or if the mehendi was held a day before the wedding, you need to be very careful in choosing the outfit. You need to look like a bride to be. But you cannot outdo your own wedding dress. So you need to set the bar at the exact spot, right below the wedding dress and the reception dress. The dresses for ladies sangeet that you are looking at need to be of a very different colour combination compared to the wedding dress.

Bollywood Theme Dress

Its very common for the sangeet function to opt the style of a bollywood celebrity and make the crow mesmours. Here we suggest few such bollywood suits and saree which creates the porius look for sangeet sandhya.


This Madhuri Dixit Peach Color Wedding Lehenga Choli is so mesmerizing and can be a style statement for Sangeet Sandhya. It is made up of finest Nylon net and crafted with beautiful embroidery work. If you plan this for a sangeet outfit its available just at Rs.3299/- , Pairing with the matching jewellery will surely give you appraise in Sangeet sandhya.


Shilpa Shetty White Net Designer Gown make you differenciate among the crowd with its beautiful Bird embroidery and Butter fly embroidery. Its available at the store just at Rs.2799/-.


Aishwarya Rai Green Heavy Embroidery Anarkali Gown is an obvious Choice for Sangeet Function with its beautiful silver color crafted embroidery work through out the gown, Its available at store just at Rs. 3709/-


When think of a saree for Sangeet Sandhya the style statement is this Katherian Kaiff Nylon Mono Net Saree which is crafted with fancy embroidery work. Its available at store just at Rs. 2895/-


These are the few ideas for selecting the bollywood celeb dresses for sangeet sandhya to explore more bollywood out click here.



Tradional Monochromes

Traditional outfits in red, purple, pink, and maroon will never go out of style. Go for monochromes but in different shades. Team up a royal blue blouse with a turquoise saree. You will look amazing. Add in a few moves and you are good to go.The conventional monochromatic style will be the perfect dress for ladies sangeet. Anybody can sport this style. But if you are the bride, make sure there are some contrasting embellishments on the monochromatic saree. Your own wedding sangeet function isn’t the place for you to go minimalistic.

Satin Silk Georgette Fancy Thread work Designer Saree just at Rs. 2959/-



Skyblue Color net heavy embroidery and stone work saree just at Rs 2299/-


Pink Sai Chiffon Silk Saree with embroidery work Is available just at Rs.1849/-




Matching colours in different shades is fun. It takes attention to intricate details. But if you want something more fun, go for statement colours. Team up a bright coloured blouse with a pretty safe coloured saree. For example, pink blouse with a blue saree, or a yellow blouse with a brown saree. This style looks good when both, the saree and the blouse are all plain, without any prints. But since they are sangeet function dresses, there must be some golden or silver contrasting sequins and embroidery on the borders of both the pieces

Fancy Outfits

Its always a best choice to go fancy in the function and above mentioned Lehenga Choli with Jaket will surely give you fancy look and provide freshment.

These lehenga choli contains choli, jaket and Lehenga and Peach color, bright color,Red color,Yellow color make you look stunning in Sangeet. You must try these out fit by clicking


The Sassy Bride Outfit

The sassy bride will dance alright but she won’t let go of her bottle of champagne. She will wear whatever she is most comfortable in and she will make it look good. She will have her shades on of course. She is the one who will choreograph some new moves instead of just copying Bollywood dance moves. This bride deserves a poofy lehenga that she can flaunt for photographs. Her choli can be a short one. She has the abs to flaunt.

Floral Prints

Floral prints are so out that you cannot wear them even if you love them. But your wedding, or your friend’s sangeet is the day nobody will dare to question your choices. This is the day you can wear the trendiest outfit during the haldi and change into something extremely corny for the sangeet. Bring floral prints right back in for this wedding season.

Rs 1954/-


Rs. 1999/-


Rs. 2199/-


Raibow Theme

This is for a theme sangeet function dresses idea. You need prior planning with your bridesmaids for this. Let each bridesmaid wear one colour of the rainbow or more colours. Have different people wear each of the following colours. Purple, orange, yellow, dark blue, turquoise, bottle green, light green, brown, baby pink, and whatever more is your favourite. The bride should go for silver, golden, or white with gold and silver embroidery and colourful sequins.

Stand in the middle with the rainbow attired bridesmaids on either sides in a symmetrical order of shades. This will make for some of the best pre-wedding sangeet night photos. Practice some moves in formations. Let the bride not dance if she doesn’t want to. But have the colourful fairies dance around her. Don’t miss capturing the performance on a video camera.

Drape Banarasi Silk

Banarasi silk is a kind of fabric which not only give u reach look but also very comfortable n wearing.You can wear Bright colors like Cyan color, Blue color, Orange color, Black color in Sangeet Sandhya. Both Banarasi silk Lehenga and Banarasi silk Gown make u look beautiful for the function.

Available at Store just at Rs. 1999/-


Available at store just at Rs. 2999/-


Mirrors and colours are good but not enough. Sangeet dress ideas are supposed to revolve around the liveliest of designs. Wear something with a lot of sequins and stones. However, this does not go too well with multi coloured outfits, with the exception of Rajasthani attire. Go for a single or bicoloured outfit that is heavily adorned with tasteful bling. If that is too heavy or sparkly for you, go for the classic colourful embroidery. Nothing speaks sophistication better than embroidery. Go for handmade pieces and not the lame machine drawn ones. Your sangeet is a special event. It deserves a special outfit. Tie your hair in a fashionable braid and put some stoned clips in it. Keep the makeup minimal, focusing on the lips. Your look will be perfect.

Your Suggestions in the comment will always motivate us to do better.



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