50 Types of Kurtis for Iconic Women Look

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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, yes by all means the phrase is worth in its meaning. It means a thing may or may not be beautiful but if the watcher feels it beautiful, it is beautiful. Why not then fill the real beauty in the eyes of beholders when you being a woman can do it easily as ABC! Not to mention that the most important part of women beauty in physical form is what she's wearing. And when she's wearing the latest trendy kurti, beauty cuts to the quickest.

Kurti is Indian women's top apparel to style it out. It becomes the grace of the occasion when they want to be hurriedly dressed up along with giving it a fashionable turn. Ethnic values are preserved best by Indian women, at the same time they are hitting the triumph bells in each department. Wonderfully, Indian women are the new school of style and culture. They wear most trendy ankle pants or ripped jeans and throw a new definition of fashion by pairing those ultra modern bottoms with their traditional Kurtis.


However, choosing the perfect kurti that fits your personality or the occasion you're wearing it for
isn't something like putting whatever lipstick shades you apply on your lips. Modern designers have turned our traditional kurti into a giant style kick. The most popular Kurtis are now becoming symbol of experiments in designs and cutting styles. This attractive wave of latest designer Kurtis seems just timeless. But the name of the game would be keeping yourself updated with what you love to wear. Of course kurti is every woman's heart piece when it comes about traditional clothes. To enhance your kurti picking skills we introduce 50 types of Kurtis. So next time when you'll be shopping for your favourite Kurtis, you'll have additional information to choose best designs.

  1. types of Kurti Designs


(1) Up and down kurti





Oh this style is one of the coolest things on earth. This is hottest Kurtis trend in young girls for casual outings. The gross root of this classy look modern day kurti is its cutting pattern. It has back side of a gown while front side in a crop top fashion. However both the side can show even shorter or longer clothe stretch. Party time, hanging out with friends and picnics are best squeaks to wear this phenomenal style kurti.



(2) Layered Kurti





This chic influence kurti has been on front for few years and yet it is a dominant kurti design making hot sales. The cutting pattern follows a layered hemline showing fabric affixed to each other. Layers secure either same diameter each or go random. But the pitch- perfect point about this kurti design is that it throws a unique look. Layers normally exhibit a different fabric in layers than the main top fabric. The fabric used may or may not be the same. This design works best from formal to office wear, but partying can also be pleasing in this style.


(3) Irregular Layers Kurti





This kurti design is truly name of the game in the term of kurti types. The peculiarity of this design is that it hosts all irregular or odd layers. As a matter of fact, it is opposite to layered kurti style which may have both regular and irregular layers. Your irregular layered kurti doesn't exist to follow the common ground of kurti designs. Hence, it is your set off to show the world that you're different. Just pick this style to suit your attitude and make a mark which hits your ways. Wear it for party time, casual visits, or work time, it will ever shine on you if yours is a slim body type.


(4) Slit kurti





What to say about this design type! It will win your heart and soul if you happen to be a designer kurti lover. To look, this design seems magnificently attractive. This is by all means an offbeat style kurti which has made millions of girls and women its fan. The kurti shows openings from any of the four sides. Ideal for summer season, this kurti design will catch specific attention if worn on light occasions such as friends gatherings, making any cute video clip for tiktok



(5) Side Slit Kurti





As we know slit kurti is a fancy approach by having cleavages on either side. When we say Side Slit kurti, it implies to have cut lancers at sides. You may have the slit in right or left side, even both the sides can be ruled with this masterpiece style. Girls who want to find an escape from daily basis style clothes must turn to this kurti. Shopping stores are just loaded with heaps of designs, style, size, colour, work and necklines. Our Mongoosekart online shopping store is one of such rich boutique which offers a range of designer collections that never ends. Order and grab today, your favourite Slit Kurti to wear on any normal to high occasion.


(6) Middle Slit Kurti




Another stirring version of slit kurti, this is your amazing middle silt kurti. Yes will find it ripped from the middle part on either side. This Kurtis too looks stunning since it goes with a fresh twist in designer Kurtis. There is always fun to do or try different than usual. This sublime clothe is no doubt a different story in Kurtis. Order it from our latestcollection of Middle Slit Kurti and have your luxury timing of wearing something difference. Any day is a special day when you want to make it special. Order, get delivered, get on and find your desired day special.



(7) Front Slit Kurti




This is another form of slit kurti showing slit at the front side. This designs is a striking example in slit Kurtis. Whatever colour, any fabric or necklines and sleeve patterns, Front Slit kurti is always a soft option to spread your own fame. As it shows slit just at the front, you're free to wear best out of best bottoms. Killer looking high ankle jeans will make your chariot await. You'll find your own self highly praiseworthy just when you drape this fashion icon kurti. Shop from our online store of the latest front slit kurtis at mongoosekart. There, we have each trendy style items in kurti category which can take you on cloud nine. These all occasion designer Kurtis fit the needs of weekends, party, office etc.



(8) High Slit Kurti





This lovely style of kurti designs is for those who bear deeper moods because this high slit kurti is what demonstrates a deeper slit. Yes..this super attractive High slit kurti exhibits a unique form of slit done deeper and includes more than one slit to give it a distinct fancy look. The broader slit throws a crazy glimpse and shows your nonchalant attitude. You can pair the craziest Jeans styles to suit your ardent personality to make the competitors jealous. So what to wait for! Turn your fashion phrase today by ordering our latest high slit designer kurti and rock your day.



(9) Long Frock





Here comes your own imperial look and a style that is everyday fresh. Whether it is long printed clock of plain fabric, it will always go higher the salt! This must be high event wear until you can feel yourself easiest in casual roaming. Fabulously made in the frock style and paired with leggings, churidar or straight pants this kurti design type is gripping piece in Kurtis world. Marriage women are mostly seen in this cool and classy outfit. The silver opening about this concern is that it is perfect to each average to curved body type. You may wear it formally or rule your festive seasons, it will preserve you at de novo.



(10) Maxi Gown





Next super piece on our list of 50 types of kurti designs is this adorable Maxi Gown Kurti. This kurti style is about showing a maxi style kurti having floor length. Many maxi gown Kurtis do observe ankle length stretch as well. Depending upon the mood of designer, the length experience fluctuations. With fit top part and voluminously loose flowing bottom part offer to set with a tantalizing effect. Find your perfect match in our exclusive gallery of online kurti collection from a plethora of fabric, colour and design variety. Our smashing house of designer kurti will not leave you clueless for any event or day.


(11) Anarkali Kurti





This wow sounder kurti design type cannot be away from your knowledge of kurti designs! Yes we mean our market cracking item, aka anarkali kurti. Isn't that true if we say our Indian wedding fashion is lifeless without delight entry of anarkali style kurti? Why only wedding, festivals, wedding receptions or even college party is made propitious with this Mughal tadka outfit. Amazingly we don't feel to describe the design pattern of anarkali style kurti. Perhaps you can describe it better than us since it has been the meat and potato of our Indian women's wardrobe. Let us not say of something hidden in plain sight. Just need to add that this silhouette is the real demand of each body type of body shape unless you're not going to flat the weight measure scales.



(12) A-line Kurti



Now, we have turned to most typical yet the most charismatic type of kurti designs. Are you a middle aged woman, a married young woman, a young lady at the busiest office desk, a cheerful girl who enjoys growing young...! Who ever you are, you're just in love with this vibrant style of simple living system apparel. This A-line kurti in any desired length below the knees is our top rated type of kurti designs. Introducing a courteous flare out of waist and developing an A-Line sweep, this kurti design is the queen. No limit of market collections and no idea of sales, this is why you're not going to miss this from any of your regular shopping. What is the day when a woman cannot wear this dress of A-line kurti? Friends crowd for outings, office time, kitchen handling, visiting hosts, party, celebration, your one in all option.



(13) Asymmetric Kurti





Just a non traditional fashion in our traditional style, what an amazing match of east and west. This fantastic example of designer Kurti is called asymmetrical due to its exalted unbalanced cutting patterns on bottom part. So you may call it crooked style kurti revealing any uneven fabric hangers till knee, ankle or even floor. Do you bear a mood to go rapturous and set your own living measures? Do you appreciate traditional values and modesty yet you demand a crazy blend of dissymmetrical touch? If yes, then this types of kurti designs calls for your attention. Let this type of designer kurti be your bee's knees rock each warm welcome day. You may wear it for almost each special occasion, casual impairment is also golden good.



(14) Kaftan Kurti





This hot avatar of designer kurti coming from Middle Eastern ethnic groups, is another tempting option that each woman should try. Already global women's dressing decency has reached this wondrous outfit in the category of latest fashion Kurtis. It's surprising why young girls seen in YouTube channel or tiktok videos doing their parts mostly in jeans and normal crop tops. Shouldn't they take their heads out of normal and jump onto new waves of style. Kaftan style kurti paired with any straight pant or leggings will seem thousands time more prime than those out dated jeans things. This diamond type in kurti designs is legendary attire which will give your personality sound like bells. Each common day and each special occasion makes this supreme style kurti fit in the fiddle.


(15) Jacket Kurti




This kurti design type is cool and ravishing. This trendy style kurti attaches either knee long or waste size jacket in the latest trends of pattern, prints, lace work, embroidery work and even hand work. Make your seasonal needs of kurti designs worth with this staggering concept of kurti types. When you go for a Jacket style kurti, you're about to get the best of your knowledge. This amazing type of kurti is something which gives your daily look a touch of unique sublimity. Your casual days, office, hanging with friends are glamorous with this kurti design type.


(16) Off Shoulder Kurti


Another iconic piece in kurti designs type, Off Shoulder Kurti stands as description of modern experiment in traditional kurti. In this fetching style shoulder part is made off which looks trendy and stylish. Do doubt that off shoulder Kurtis are admirable and you don't have to skip any of high designer kurti because fashion means things far reaching. Try this swank piece design with any of your favourite bottom. Simple straight pant or high waist jeans will be perfect match. But when you want to show yourself really offbeat, wear a fancy palazzo with off shoulder kurti, the ideal impairment for romantic occasion. Just pick the kurti in off shoulder which seems eager to adopt your body type. Then dominate your look and of course a type of personality which will be delightedly a thing of beauty.


(17) Cold Shoulder Kurti


Now Indian women are no more like pulling on a Xerox copy of same type of Kurtis, just because they have to stick to their traditional values. We're keeping updated along with being ethnic clones. So why can't we have our Indian kurti ratified by current fashion flow? This cold shoulder kurti is a luminary of the style which throws a cut out on shoulder parts only. This evergreen fashion style has become way more trendy than past years. Wow! Let your shoulders stay cold and you'll learn to give everything a cold shoulder that doesn't bother you. So run into your cold shoulder kurti at once and let the cold shoulder vibes bring you all high spirits. You may drape this outstanding outfit piece at work time, party moment or adorn you each light events, you're always limelight.


(18) Tulip Kurti


Did you notice a trendy designer kurti highlighting your waist area which casts off a sterling look of your bust shape? Again, the bottom part of the kurti will be having a design in tulip shape? Yes, it is tulip kurti style, a captivating definition of modern style Kurtis. This is a mesmerising design type which can stand your weather friendly item on your daily dress list. The shape in tulip spotlight is just enough pull every attention! Why we always come to know that each kurti isn't comfortable for each lady? Yeah because everyone has a different measurement of dress wearing comfort. But if we're having discussion on tulip style kurti, we cannot draw it off. Best suited for everyday look, party, celebration, outings, office time, this stately design type will ever thrive.



(19) Dhoti Kurti


Our vast scope of fashion is never going to be end and we'll always find something more stylish than earlier. In the same sequence, we can see fashionable women wearing gowns, dress which show the mantle part as dhoti. Like we know dhoti shows pleats around hips, the same has been introduced in gowns and Kurtis where the pannier looks like dhoti but is actually only bottom of the top. This style of kurti design type arrestingly prevalent among the designers and wearers. It looks awesome and you can pick it for any day.



(20) Angrakha Kurti


Another stirring style of kurti designs type is termed Angrakha kurti. We all are familiar with this pattern as it is our ethnic wear particularly worn by men in early days. We have turned the old style into a gold one by bringing another milestone designer kurti in form of angrakha. This cute looking kurti imbricates making a room to expose a delicate pattern of strapping done either side of the shoulder. Try this intriguing style kurti for casual and office work to bring an effective charm of lightness into your personality.



Check out beautiful Angrakha pattern Dress of Keerthi Suresh





(21) Tail Cut Kurti


Experimentation is fashion is unstoppable. And Kurtis too cannot keep away from being tried. We have tail cut style kurti design which has been quite popular in past few years. Modern generation want a turbulent looks may it be hairstyle or clothing. Tail cut kurti is another oddball style among women who love bizarre dresses.
This type of kurti features a front cut in long to medium and short size in the manner of a tail. Tails fashion can be parallel to both right and left sides or a single at the back side. This type of kurti is yet another suit for eccentric minded fashion lovers. The same goes perfect to be draped for casual or office time.


(22) Trail Cut Kurti





Another name of a designer kurti is Trail Cut Kurti showing an alluring pattern of c-cut on the front and back sides. This item is cool to stay different among the casual minds. The style looks charming, so we recommend you to try it on next move of finding a designer kurti. Pick a length which pleases you since it is made in both short, medium and long sizes. You may get it on for casual days as well as for important events.


(23) Flared Kurti


This is our everyday women majesty among formal dresses. Think about all beautiful styles, colours, prints and embroidery attached to this marvellous type of kurti designs. Flared kurti is perfectly matchable to each average body type, highly comfortable to carry your day and an attractive woman look! All hand in hand but don't forget to pick the colours which suits your personality well. Flared Kurtis depend a lot on their colour shades to be effective. Never pick too much mixed colour shades, natural colours looks gorgeous. You can wear it any day you want.



(24) Floor Length Kurti


Awesome and intelligent, this design of kurti types just rocks the category. Sometimes it is fun to dress and you enjoy it. This floor length kurti is a really smashing piece of outfit. This floor length is your typical kurti in long form having both simple or anarkali style skirts. Days have gone now when were restricted to see fashion as something simple. Now in modern time we have simple dresses turned into iconic models of latest fashion. Floor length kurti is all about a simple decent style turned into modern trend which you can wrap by picking from thousands of catchy designs. Wearing it at celebration time is ideal.


(25)  Princess Cut Kurti


Princess Cut Kurti is an attractive type which is fit and cutting line follows vertical strands. It doesn't have any particular joints at waist just seams are made to give it a fit and glamorous look. This kurti is quite popular as a formal as well as event grounds dress. They're designed in light patterns which forms ultimate sobriety. Just before stepping for shopping think your occasions that you're willing to wear on. Setting target of day when you would be wearing is good idea to avoid regrets after buying any dress. At times we buy any dress which catches our sight at their selling table. What happens then, we don't find interest to wear them for a particular event. Princess cut Kurtis are really good giving a feeling of air walk.


(26) C Cut Kurti





This sizzling cool kurti is perfect blaze to make your own brand of a lovely personality. This is a type of kurti designs having a C shape at the front. Young girls now want everyone different, and this is the piece they go for crazily. This type of kurti is absolutely amazing to wear for dance, party, dinner and even office time.


(27) Overlay Kurti





This popular trendy style kurti is on high demand among the young girls. Being a fresh type in kurti designs it has made ladies love it. Evolved from just few past years and adoring the traditional Indian women outfit, overlay style is masterstroke. This kurti can have a variety of designs all heaving the overlay either long or short. This overlay brings a pleasing impression and makes the body shape attractive. You can wear it for parties or club times.



(28) Reversible Kurti


Awesome and wonderful this reversible style suggests a type of kurti that can be worn either way. Both the sides are made stylish to bring it reversible benefits. This type of kurti itself is very important as it can work as two in one. This multi purpose kurti can be very handy while travel and also very make you able to bring another look in no time. So never hesitate to buy these exceptional pieces of reversible Kurtis to turn it into another look. This grand invention of garment is perfect for travel time, office, and casual days to leave your marks.


(29) Cape Style Kurti or Kurti with Cape


Cape the remarkable item from old time and found in almost every legendary show from the history, has turned its bounce back to adore your super style of kurti designs. It looks stunning and the hanging wrap in beautiful styles makes the wearer look more than any ordinary look. We advise you to take this adorable type of kurti on since it really looks amazing. Fashion of attitude never goes outdated. Wear this sheen blow outfit for party, festivals, special dinner etc., you'll feel the genuine joy of having something sizzling on your body.


(30) Tiered Kurti


Many women don't know what a good thing they have about their dressing styles. They plenty when it comes about Kurtis alone and can wear each day a new style of kurti. Think about this lovely style of kurti called Tiered kurti, one of leading style in the latest trend. The design includes the joints in skirt area in the fashion of tiers. For young girls who go college, house wives, or office women look great in this terrific outfit.


(31) Pintuck Kurti


Pintuck experiment in Kurtis is genuinely embellishing. This is another appealing example of Kurtis variety, a classy approach in daily wear outfits. You can feel yourself very relaxed and cosy in this type of kurti. This elite touch kurti is best suited for each day you want to wear it. From simple daily to most interesting days or events, you will be able to manage the fame of a decent clothing.


(32) Empire waist kurti


Introducing this magnificent style of kurti type having fit blouse which remains active until the breast or slightly below. This brings a sensible high-waisted look. The remaining part which comes as skirt is either moderately or highly voluminous.This type of kurti which we call empire waist kurti is something perfectly womanly. This is your top reason to make few them yours and spread your natural identity in its full grace. From casual to most exciting celebration time, this dear type of kurti is going to have everything coming up roses.


(33) Cowl Kurti


The decent and crazy at the same time, cowl style kurti trend has been pretty old. After being disappeared for some time, it is now again on the move. The latest kurti isn't something great unless it goes weird for current generation. This fascinating dress exhibits pretty cowl move done irregularly. It again, makes random lines of hanging part running the cowls to either way of the kurti. Some Kurtis can have cowl at back side as well. The design types is by all means first rate to boast about. This is your daily to high occasion garb and you just walk proud and let everyone stay flabbergasted at your high choice.


(34)  Indowestern Kurti



Now young women are no more willing to have just the same about their looks and styles. Traditional fashion is always gold but never mind to turn it into diamond by going indo western. Our fine class type of kurti designs, indowestern kurti speaks of the same story. Indo western kurti is anything that combines a touch of western dresses. They may appear in designer gown style, long shirt, open shoulder frocks, cowled maxi etc. Such mind blowing Kurtis are sunshine to make a heavy effect of your personality without speaking. There is no occasion which won't be great with this deluxe edition in Kurtis.


(35) Block Print Kurti


Block print is one of the most elegant type of print. When done on fabric, this block print rocks. Our Block Print Kurti is one of the most opulent one in types of Kurtis. These are not only fascinating but also trendy and season friendly as well. Styles are unlimited to pick from your block printed kurti. Paired with contrasting palazzo, it looks more than gorgeous. Celebration time, casually or office time this kurti will be handy.


(36) Shibouri Print Kurti


In the Kurtis world Shibouri kurti is a decent looking style that has gained a remarkable reputation. A shibouri kurti is the one having shibouri print fabric and hence is called a shibouri kurti. This pretty design kurti outfit is charming to look at and when worn gives a sober impression. You may wear it as daily dress, party, office, dinner or whatever day is ahead.



(37) Pakistani Kurti


Well, in our Indian kurti market, the name 'Pakistani Kurti' has been the sound in the ear for few years. What we call Pakistani kurti is a long and loose kurti is straight cut design. The style was already present in India but the trend of this suave outfit flourished in Pakistan and Indian market hot too, it was termed as Pakistani kurti. This type of Kurtis are season friendly but depends on fabric used in. Casual days and touring is best suited to wear this gracious dress piece.


(38) High-Low Kurti


As the name suggests, this type of kurti designs includes a high low trim. The back side is regular while front side is made lower. This is how your trendy high low kurti comes into shape. This is a fresh style and is taken positively for casual wear, office wear, outings, dinner party etc.


(39) Bell Sleeve Kurti


Sleeves play their crucial roles to shape any dress well on our body. This gorgeous looking Bell Sleeve Kurti is available to shape your personality in a powerful manner. The kurti shows sleeves which simulate the bell and enhance overall look of this outfit. Made long to medium and short, this cool effect sleeve makes it till armscye running towards the border. Buy this amazing kurti to prepare for a beautiful chill day. Wear it for parties, office, and for moderate functions.



(40) Denim Kurti


Kurtis made of sturdy cotton aka denim is called a denim kurti. Denim Kurtis have quite popular and almost all average to celebrities have been found wearing this model dress kurti. These Kurtis are highly recommended for their super rich effort of class. They are being made of cotton are good for the sake of comfort too. It really must be loose fitting though, you may wear it any day you please.


(41) Long Shrug Kurti


It's time to wear something great and yet call it a kurti. We have this latest trend in kurti designs when the kurti is paired with long shrugs. Kurti is either straight or in frock pattern cool looking shrugs are going to add the cherry on the cake of your style. We can happily call it an elegant wardrobe set. They look complete fancy on women and regarded as one of cool type of modern kurti. Best suited to festivals, wedding events, friends gatherings, this headline kurti claims your attention.

(42) Kurti With Palazzo


Wearing Kurtis is always fun and delight. May you wear any simple or highly designed one, your appearance is going to be a rocking one. Kurti with palazzo is another appealing flair in in the line of kurti. This designer set consists of a designer kurti with embroidery, lace work, or hand work and stylish palazzos. Currently, wedding events are witnessing a significant fame rise of this noble looking kurti with palazzo. You may wear it office time, dating including any day you feel like.


(43) Kurti with Skirt





Do you want something more unique and of course more classy? Just try Your rich style kurti with a skirt. Kurti with skirt is another good idea to utilise a fancy kurti with a long skirt which looks similar to kurti with palazzo having little edition of a sharp edge women style. You can look just classic by pairing your daily kurti with a cute looking skirt. Mostly it gives a nice glimpse moving in this super feminine touch outfit. Ladies actually love it. Wear it for parties, wedding events, or any family functions to pick up the happy dressing feelings.


(44) Kurti With Pant


This high fashion trend is really about letting your freak flag fly. This is a type of kurti designs which looks hugely attractive. This style involves mainly straight kurti in shorter lengths and bottom comes in straight pant dub. This style adores your body as it not only denotes ethnicity but also modern touch. Pants in ankle length are more driving. This is no doubt a celebrity look when you adore yourself in such cool fashion. You find it great for parties, functions, dates, and celebrations.


(45) Kurti With Dhoti


The ethnic style of men's in India wearing a dhoti as their lower dress has now turned into a feminine outfit epic. This kurti designs type hosts short to medium length kurti paired with dhoti styled bottom. Have this marvellous garb on you and no outfit in the world would be cooler against you. This pure Indian women look that everyone gets the head around to see your charm. No one can say this fashion of Kurti with dhoti is going to be outdated. Ideal for daily wear, party time, outdoor and many more, kurti with dhoti is going to be your radiation spark.


(46) Kurti with Patiala


Another chic mix up of kurti with a remarkable bottom called Patiala is super blazing style involving your everyday kurti paired with prominent Panjabi salwar, called Patiala. Genuine quality and of course the best thing about this cool kurti design type is that it makes an amazing moderate look. Though trends are screaming with pants, capris, palazzos as bottom, yet Patiala salwar is an evergreen fashion holding a daylight value in Indian women fashion style. You may show this cute traditional glow fashion aka kurti with Patiala for all events or on all casual days.


(47) Kurti with Sharara


Sharara is another ethnic bottom outfit which is clutching the modern fashion back. Even indowestern manner is making it in action by pairing it with crop tops or shirt style kurti. The nawabi symbol is another sizzling version of women dressing style when paired with a decent kurti. So ladies! Yet another interesting aspect of kurti designs type just next to you. You just pick a kurti Sharara set along with matching dupatta, walk proud as any great event host or move as guest, day is yours. Right from party, celebration, festivals, weddings to a casual office day with simple looking kurti Sharara, the effect of culturally modern girl will overwhelm you.


(48) Straight Cut Kurti


Our desi woman garment fame is never complete without having this sober impression Straight Cut Kurti concluded. In this design type we have our traditional kurti just going simpler in pattern of cut. It doesn't require to get any type of curves in its look and stays in its chill mood of being straight. Wonderfully, this excellent draping piece is loved by most of the professional women contrary to those who are called housewives. This is the reason to believe its decency and class as an important women apparel. Highly comfortable for casual days, office times and trips, this Straight Cut Kurti is your royal wardrobe clue.


(49) Printed Kurti


When you'll set to explore the vast range of kurti designs you'll be just leaded with adorable and stylish designs of this classy attire. Printed Kurti is an exclusive kurti type effecting various types of beautiful prints and patterns on its fabric. These Kurtis can be moulded in various cut styles. From simple A-Line to asymmetrical shape, printed Kurtis are pretty outfits. The print blooms on women body specially on slim ones. Suited to all age women and young girls, printed Kurtis are great as daily routine and casual outings.


(50) Designer Kurti


Designer Kurtis include the designer patterns experiments in Kurtis. Being high valuable and luxury, specifically holding the tag of a prominent brand, designer Kurtis are indispensable women outfits. Design spectrum has no limits in these hypnotic designer Kurtis. Right from long straight shirt style kurti to slit styled, flared, gown get up, jacket, irregular cuts, layers and what not! A designer kurti must be the first thing coming to your mind when there is a special day ahead. Wear it for parties, wedding events, family functions, dating, of course on festivals, you'll have everything to brag of your charisma.

(51) Checkers Kurti


This is a kurti design type which is vastly popular among young generation. This is a cool kurti mode presenting checkers fabric set in various sizes and colours. all crossing over. This type of Kurtis are highly regarded as office wears as well as casual impression. There are big ranges of checks available in most noble colours. Checks have been ever true style in clothings hence checkers Kurtis are a forever sunshine. They are available in various forms like shirt pattern, frocks, and western top styles. The great thing about checkers kurti is that they are just made for each occasion to wear and have your virtuous day.


(52) Shirt Type Kurti


Kurti is an incredible women attire which is absolutely crucial part of their life. How this adorable dress has made its marks in multiple forms and styles is truly remarkable. Past few years we have seen some of the most brilliant kurti design types. Shirt style Kurtis are a fresh and trendy ones. As an outcome we have big liking for shirt style Kurtis. The forms of patterns of shirt style Kurtis are copious to pick one which suits you best. They are the most stylish outfits for each occasion. Parties, festivals and even wedding seasons will show you out of crowd.


(53) Abaya Style Kurti


When we consider the features of Abayas, we happen to notice that this is a type of attire which covers entire body leaving out head, hands and feet. It is not Clear if the same goes with abaya Kurtis since they're all designer Kurtis and opt to be cold shouldered, sleeveless etc. But abaya style kurti which is all about being floor length, loose fitting and decent rocks over the Kurtis variety. The attempts and experiments to give them rich designer looks count a lot. That is how abaya style kurti stand sharply to be a perfect fit for high events.


(54) Kurti For Jeans


A type of cute Kurtis can be best matched with jeans. These are Jeans type Kurtis or kurti for Jeans. Such petite Kurtis vary in length, style and designs, but commonly they're applied for a perky Jeans look. Tow sider slit kurti, shirt style kurti, tulip kurti, front slit, deep high low including whatever attaches the charm to Jeans trend can be impeccable to your designer Jeans. They paired with jeans appear quite attractive and give a new definition of indo western fashion. Women can get on their favourite Jeans type Kurtis for any day they want. To wear Jeans is not bad idea even on a single day. When combined with a crazy effect kurti, the game of style runs on full swing.

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