Cool Tips to Look Slim in Sarees !

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Saree is believed to be the most elegant wear for Indian women. Apart from the traditional saree, the trend that has recently turned to be the fashion statement is the designer half & half sarees.


"Saree has till now been ones of the sexiest Indian attires and no matter how much we let the western gowns and dresses usher in the world of fashion, a beautifully worn saree is going to swoon all the hearts at the end."

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror draping your favourite saree that looked just perfect on the mannequin at the showroom? Yet when you look at yourself wearing the same beautiful piece you’re left with nothing but self-loathing and a fake oath to hit the gym right the next day?


Draping the sarees in right manner and choosing the correct fabric as per your body type are the secrets that can work wonders in making you look slim.


Fabric Plays the Role:



Trust me, it all depends on your choice of fabric. If you choose the right fabric, you can look amazing and actually hide those extra pounds. Fabrics like Georgette, Silk and net sticks to your body and give you a much slimmer look. Brocade, Kanjeevaram & Cottons add volume to your body and suits on tall and slim body type. If you choose the right fabric then it will hide those extra pounds giving you an amazing look. Try to avoid cottons but if you cannot ignore them then go for the lighter ones.


Hide that fat with the perfect prints!!



To look slim in sarees, you must try to go for the lighter print – light or sleek kind of embroidery and if it’s just the print – go for the smaller one. The bold and big prints would make you look plump. Remember that the heavy material isn’t meant for you.


Stop the blunders of choosing “Broad Borders”


Bigger borders with heavy gorgeous work makes you look shorter. Slimmer saree borders with neat work can make you look sleek and adds style statement.


Draping Saree:


Draping is the most important part of wearing a saree. Whatever may be the style of draping, you need to do it in a neat manner to give you a slim look by covering the not so perfect areas of your body. Pinning up your saree pallus in a sleek & neat manner is also another style that gives you a trimmer look. Wearing your saree below your waist line is another style of draping that is followed by many of the Bollywood actors but you can only opt for it if you have a slim waist line and toned belly.


Follow these tips the next time you drape your favourite one:

  • Tuck your saree properly at the waist so that it doesn’t add volume to your body.
  • Make bare minimum pleats just to get the perfect drape and shape. Plump women going with a lot of pleats makes them look heavy bottomed and bulgy from their stomachs.
  • If you really love those pleats and do not want to get rid of them (well sometimes the length is also an issue!!), drape them and tuck them at a distance so as to avoid accumulating all of them at a single place.
  • Women who want to get a slimmer look must drape the saree as tight as they can. The saree shouldn’t fall loose from any point.
  • Keep the palla of the sari loose open on your arm and avoid pleating it all on your shoulder.


Get the right colours for your weight


Darker shades or dark monochromatic color Sarees makes you look slim and gives you a fairer look. Lighter shades make you body curves more prominent and are not the right choice if you do not have the perfect curves. You can experiment with shades like Navy blue, chocolate, dark brown, dark green and so on. Black is another colour preferred by most designers and women for gorgeous and slimmer look in any event.


Long Sleeved Blouse:


If you wear long sleeved blouses, you would look thin. We know you might love without sleeves or mega sleeves blouses but if you want to look slim in sarees, you would have to give up on that. Go for long sleeves for sure.


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