Kurti is traditional women attire in Indian subcontinent. Kurtis are made both in long and short length and are immensely popular among the young girls to old aged women. Originally, a kurti in India was referred to a blouse or waistcoat like dress which might have been emerged from the kirtle worn around 185 B. C. just at the time of Shunga period. Today, it has been fully turned into a sharp famed and breezy women outfit.


What is a designer kurti? The question gets readily answered by bearing our sights with loads of beautiful Kurtis in a vast range of designs and patterns. Because a designer kurti is our simple traditional kurti which is experimented with new trend designs.


For Indian women, kurti is the first act of grace as they go both traditional and trendy. This cute draping piece gives them the utmost satisfaction of being cultural mind in contemporary body. All due to this state-of-art designer Kurtis.


The ever high favour recognition of this reputed women get up has led to an affluent ebullience to the manufacture of fancy and designer Kurtis. The sale of this lavish vestment goes even more awfully than the manufacture itself. All because ladies kurti are one of the most useful informal dresses in the daily lives of women. Indian subcontinent specially India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh have a sizeable use of it. Women in these countries turn overly to this marvellous garb just because it is first feel of comfort. It really help them to be light while they have their work hours busy it its best.


Kurtis are available in diverse design types of and models. There is no complication to discover your favourite design types due to its bulky range available everywhere. Recently, kurti designs have been dominating with powerful imaginations and creativity that really fill the bill.


The fashion of these irresistible outfits has turned even wider. New experiments in women kurti have taken this from ethnic to top modern attire. Various types of sleeves designs are shining features in Kurtis. While most fascinating kurti neck designs genially do their tricks. Kurtis with high designer necks bring a cool feeling to both wearers and watchers.


Bottom options are numberless to add the beauty of Kurtis. Women in their advanced age prefer to wear salwar or churidar at bottom. Middle aged women bring their looks a pleasant boost by pairing the Kurtis with straight pants, leggings or palazzos. Young women are opened to attempt all types of bottom wears. They have their lively spirits to show while pairing jeans with designer Kurtis. They find pants, palazzos, dhoti, ankle pants, Patiala pants even lehengas to fit their stylish looks easily. Kurti with palazzo is a most admired combination in Indian Teens.


Long kurties are of even more killer approach. Attractive designer long Kurtis are heating the kurti markets. These are not only highly suited Kurtis for girls but also do good to all ages women. Multiple colours, patterns, designs, fabrics and styles rock over the long dress Kurtis. Ladies are at shopping for long kurti like overblown. Companies selling long Kurtis are sunshine for the buyers.


The experience with long Kurti is superb when we find the tips for how to style long kurti. Best suited pairing options for long Kurtis can enhance your appearance to the brim. We have many tricks to look even more gorgeous by pairing long kurti with our de trop bottom items. Long kurti serves really attractive when worn just like a dress. Long kurti with palazzos brings super chic and glamourous style, making you trendier. You may also wear your long kurti with long skirt to invite yourself an alluring royal glimpse. Long kurti with leggings also gives a crazy flash. Straight pants in tight style answer the purpose magnificent.


What are different types of kurti styles prevailing in India?

India is truly the land of Kurtis and you can find here design competitions always significantly weighted. This plethora of trendy designs leads women side boards to crave excessively for Kurtis. In this section of article, we throw the light on the types of Kurtis styles popular loved and prevailing in India.


Anarkali style kurti: Anarkali kurti shows a long and flared frock- like design. They are available in various fabric materials like cotton, net, rayon etc. Pear slim and shaped bodies are ideal for this kurti style.


A-line kurti: A- line kurti is mostly simple styled. It is always in. Made in all types of fabric this decent kurti is always in high demand. All types of body can be good for this kurti style.


Slit kurti: We have this tremendous cast attire in front slit kurti, middle slit kurti and side slit kurti. Our mongoosekart store of latest slit kurti collection will leave you amazed at our heavy range of designs, colours and looks. Scroll them here (link to the page)


Kurti with jacket: You may find India's best online shopping sites brimmed with jacket style Kurtis. This designer kurti with jacket renders a dazzling look. These Kurtis are sunshine for high occasions like party, festival or wedding events.


Shibouri print kurti: Kurti with shibouri print looks gracefully attractive. Shibouri itself is a kind of print holding worldwide fame. When it comes about shibouri printed Kurtis, the grips go to the heights.


Asymmetrical kurti: This charming modern finish kurti displays unequal lengths around. Also recognised as tail cut kurti, this style is much prevailing among young girls and women in India.


Long frock style kurti: Also know as floor length kurti this sumptuously flared dress is the substitution of elegance. They feature intriguing styles developing the look of wearing person into a princess gown.


Kurti with long shrug: Another trendy and stylish figure is kurti with long shrug. This is one of the fanciest types for keeping the blend of fashion and modesty. Wear such type to kurti to remind yourself that you're doing all fresh and famed styles of living.


Jaipuri kurti: Famous in not only in India but all over the world Jaipuri Kurtis do the duty to beauty. Available in most colourful and stylish forms these Kurtis are ideal for hot seasons. India has a massive prevailing state for this high choice kurti.


Up and down kurti: This classy style kurti is also know as high low cut kurti. This a overmuch popular piece among the girls because its funky impacts for a dynamic look. Wearing such type of kurti makes you feel that you are advanced in your dressing styles. A truly mesmerising type of kurti which brings a notable charm to your appearance.


Irregular layered kurti: If you want to adopt something different than casual designer kurti then this type of kurti is your perfect choice. Mostly women who like to display their crazy moods wear such top-notch style Kurtis. Layered kurti doesn't only show your iconic personality but also tells the world that you're of high taste.


Kaftan kurti: What an astonishing example of modern kurti which is just enough to show your dress sense supremacy. The best part of this momentous thing in kurti class is that it looks matchless on all types of bodies from slim to heavy.


How to buy the perfect kurti for you?

Ever wondered that you must follow few watchful steps before buying a designer kurti? If yes then you do the right thing. This is how you make headway and reap the benefits of any purchase. Cotton kurti is all time better from consumer perspectives. If you're of mind to buy kurti for jeans you must select light colours.


Never buy kurti with palazzo if you happen to be banana shaped. This body shape looks great in leggings or straight pants. Flared Kurtis are good for pear shaped body.


Women with pear shaped body have slimmer waist and hence they can look wonderful in maximum type of Kurtis. But anarkali style kurti gets their charm even more blooming. They may look great in printed Kurtis and avoid plain ones. High low Kurtis amazing paired with fancy style palazzos.


Apple shaped body isn't any problem to wear most types of kurti. Though kurti in anarkali style and kaftan will be ravishing. Kurti with skirt is another fabulous option to motivate your beauty. Women with this body shape may wear whatever type pleases them, only they shouldn't go tight on waist.


Ruler shaped body is even type body and is ideal for simple A-line kurti, long straight kurti, long kurti etc. Mainly anarkali and flared Kurtis look exquisite on such body type with broad necklines.
Strawberry shaped body looks gorgeous when wearing long and flared kurti,straight kurti, front slitkurti,floor length kurti, anarkali style kurti. You can move for even more by draping into a tail cut kurti for smarter look. Indo- western styles are also captivating.


Hour glass shapedbody can take almost each dress as cherry on the cake. Due to slimmer waist this body type demands Kurtis that will be fit on that particular part. To meet the purpose, long straightkurti, kaftan style, A-Line, shirt style Kurtis are remarkable.


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