About Us

What are we ? 


Mongoosekart is multi vendors, multi products, pan India online market place thriving to create a digital organism for mutual benefits of aspiring sellers & buyers.

Our goal is to create a win-win situation to all our stakeholders’ and achieve a sustainable growth. 



Why Mongoose . . .?


As commonly known Mongoose is the natural enemy of snake & immune to snake venom the prime characteristics that we are thriving for our digital organism i.e. we also want to defeat the snakes of inflation, monopoly in e-commerce & enable our buyers & sellers to be immune from them.

Also, other characteristics of Mongoose includes highly rapid movements signifies our quick delivery system








Distinctive features of Mongoosekart . . .

  • Pan India reach 
  • Going beyond e-Commerce: Creating a digital organism of innovative solutions for all the stake holders including sellers & buyers.
  • Innovative e-Commerce Models: highly efficient marketplace,
  • Super-fast grocery store, product/service consulting etc.
  • Encouraging ambitious Government Programs; Digital India & Make in India.
  • Enabling solutions for Sustained Customer Relationship (SCR).
  • Exclusive prospects to the Sellers with various club benefits, product placement features & other digital marketing services.

​ Mongoosekart... heeds all your needs !!!

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