Navratri Dresses

Navratri Dresses

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Shop, Traditional Lehenga Choli , Kediya dress for this Navratri and make your Garba and dandiya raas celebration special.We have huge collection for Navratri Dresses.

Navratri Dresses are basically found and made in Gujarat. The main outfits which can weare for dandiya raas are navratri Lehenga and Kediya dress.

Dandiya Lehenga are basically of a heavy flaired so that it can give good swirl while playing dadiya.Kediya Dress were basically worn by boys for garba but now a days both boys kediya and girls kediyas are available.,Traditional Lehenga Choli is different from other lehenga choli in terms of work,pattern and style. It is basically of a Ghaghra type bottom. Lehenga choli is most obvious choice for Garba and it is the main Garba Dresses.

Dandiya dress are always mesmerizing and people were waiting for long to buy it and wear it. Garba Special chaniya choli seems so attractive that women sometimes reuse in wedding function like wedding garbas.Not all lehenga choli has such taste the real taste for navratri is of traditional gujarati chaniya.

The dresses for navratri garba are being prepared when 6-7 months left for Navratri and lot of innovation in Gamthi designs for gamthi chaniya is required.

Earlier all the garba dresses were sold on very few places but now-a-days E-commerce revolution makes garba dress availability online.

Garba dress for girl was made by keeping in mind the girlie look and a pattern. Most of the gujarati chaniya choli was made using mirror work and cotton or soft silk fabric.

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The Garba dress for ladies will cost from 1500rs to maximum of no limits as it depends on the taste and pocket. Most of the navratri chaniya choli selling online were in a range from 1500rs t0 4000rs.

For dandiya dress for boy are kediya, kediya with jaket patterns are in a trend.

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Many Gujaraties residing outside India now-a-days do online shopping for gujrati garba dresses and Navratri Craze was spread so much that not only Gujarati but most of the Indians are now treat Navratri as their faviourite festivals and enjoy raas garba with navratri special dresses.

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